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Family Attractions In San Angelo, TX

Free & almost free family attractions in San Angelo, TX

Step out into the beauty of West Texas in San Angelo! Get ready for outdoor adventures in the gorgeous cactus-ridden countryside off the beaten path. The town boasts memories of our country’s rich Old West history and bright, fun flavors of present-day pop culture. These top family attractions in San Angelo Tx are perfect for a weekend getaway.

Top Family Attractions In San Angelo, TX

San Angelo is fantastic by Texas standards and a great place to visit for history and outdoor adventures. Did you know that San Angelo is the largest city in the Lone Star State without an interstate running through it? You’ll get an authentic Texas experience visiting with its small-town feel and nature-based activities.

Kids Kingdom Playground. Photo credit: Jill Robbins

Top Family Attractions In San Angelo, TX

San Angelo is only about 4 hours from San Antonio, Dallas, or Austin. All the parks, shops, and attractions are 10-15 minutes from the major hotels, which makes it a great family road trip in Texas. Enjoy the city’s natural beauty and see why San Angelo has been a Top 10 True Western Town since 2019.

Photo credit: Jill Robbins

Fun Things To Do In San Angelo At The Bosque

The Bosque is a lovely little oasis near downtown San Angelo along the Concho River. It opens on Memorial Day and through the end of the summer, Thursday-Sunday. Bring the family for a great time. This area contains many free and low-cost activities for families visiting San Angelo. It’s tranquil, fun, and Instagram-worthy. You can spend an entire afternoon or just a few hours – it is totally up to you. There are lots of activities to choose from that will work with even the smallest budget.

Some activities at The Bosque cost, and some activities are free. You may need to bring your own equipment. Be sure to consult the website before you visit.

Whether in San Angelo for a night or a weekend getaway, put The Bosque on your list of things to do. This lovely spot overlooking the Concho River has opportunities for family photos, places to sit, and a huge space for kids to run around.

Admission: Entrance into the park and parking is free. Check the website for prices on golf and pedal boats.

Pro tip: Make sure you bring your credit card! No cash is accepted at The Bosque.

Fort Concho Riverwalk and bridge. Photo Credit: Visit San Angelo

Stroll The Concho River

Walk along the Concho River and marvel at multiple gardens, parks, and a few interesting mosaic-tiled vehicles. If you have little ones, check out the Kids Kingdom, a free playground/park with plenty of shaded seating for parents. This area is about a half-mile from The Bosque.

It is a beautiful place to talk, exercise, fish, walk the dog, have a picnic, and see the ducks swim.

Fort Concho National Historic Landmark Site

Start your day at Historic Fort Concho. Fort Concho is a National Historic Landmark encompassing most of the former Army post and includes 24 original and restored fort structures and additional exhibits and displays throughout the year. This is a must-see stop and will likely take 2-3 hours of your time, and it is well worth it!

Be sure to stop at the museum and gift shop on the property.

Admission: Free Mon-Sun.

San Angelo Performing Arts Center

The San Angelo PAC has a calendar full of celebrity performances like Travis Tritt and Lorri Morgan. Check out the schedule in advance of your visit.

Railway Museum of San Angelo

Take a living history tour to learn about the Railway Depot built in the 1900s.

Miss Hattie’s Restaurant

Go for dinner at Miss Hattie’s Restaurant – an old-fashioned, friendly American restaurant & lounge in a Victorian-style building that dates back to 1884. The menu is impressive, especially the Chicken Del Rio and the famous Miss Hattie’s Brothel Burger.

Heritage Park Of San Angelo

Heritage Park is a downtown oasis providing a unique environment for people to learn about the rich cultural heritage of West Texas.

International Water Lily Collection

Did you know that San Angelo is home to the most extensive collection of varieties of water lilies? It’s called the International Water Lily Collection. and it’s one of the world’s leading premier collections of waterlilies located at the Civic League Park in San Angelo, Texas! Seven ponds with more than 150 varieties can be seen from April through October.

Walking through Civic League Park while taking in the beauty of the lilies is very peaceful and relaxing.

Travel Pro Tip: Peak bloom season is September.

San Angelo State Park

San Angelo State Park is most famous for its bison and Official Texas State Longhorn herds. A tour can be arranged to see the bison and longhorn graze. It is not every day that you get to see roaming bison, so this experience is one that I am sure kids and adults alike will remember for years to come.

Hike A 2-Mile Dinosaur Trail

With over 50 miles of some of the best trails in the area, San Angelo State Park is the perfect place to hike or bike. If your family loves dinosaurs, you don’t want to miss the two-mile dinosaur trail, where you can see fossilized tracks of creatures that predate dinosaurs! Spend the day hiking and fishing or camp for the week in your choice of water and electricity, drive-up sites, backpack sites, or, if you’d rather, reserve a log cabin.

Travel Tip: A small admission fee per person is required to enter the park.

Old Central Firehouse Bed & Brew

Check out the Old Central Firehouse Bed and Brew for a cool and unique experience! Each room is Firehouse-themed.

Eggemeyer’s General Store

The Eggemeyer’s General Store at 35 E Concho Ave is very impressive. The 13,000+ sq ft. of building space offers an authentic general store experience with historic tin-pressed ceilings to the hardwood oak floor.

You’ll find fresh ground gourmet coffees, kitchen wares, homemade fudge, jewelry, western books, fine leather handbags, and exciting things!

Public Art Everywhere

Art is everywhere in San Angelo–inside a museum, public parks, downtown building walls, cars, and even streets. The kind of art with broad appeal makes you want to take pictures and interact with them. There are so many art experiences in San Angelo that it’s deemed – “A city with public art everywhere.”

In San Angelo, you will find outdoor art that will turn your head and sometimes take your breath away. Here is just some of the art you will find in San Angelo:

San Angelo Sheep Statues

Be sure to stop by the visitor’s center to pick up the brochure on the first 100+ painted sheep in the city called the ‘Welcome Ewe.’ You will see many sheep as you drive around town. If you are willing to find all of them, there is a complete list of all the sheep online, so you can check them off as you go!

All over the city of San Angelo are fiberglass statues of sheep. Local artists decorate the sheep statues to pay tribute to San Angelo’s history as a wool marketing center. Have fun finding over 100 sheep! We certainly enjoyed every sheep encounter.

Historic Murals Of San Angelo

There are 15 historical murals to discover in San Angelo. Each one brings to life on the city walls of San Angelo an aspect of the West Texas frontier life. The murals around San Angelo inspire us to learn more about the hard-working people before us.

Paintbrush Alley

Paintbrush Alley is hidden in the alleyway behind Firestone on West Concho Avenue and Texas Theater on West Twohig Avenue! Colorful murals portray Texas culture in the 1956 motion picture Giant Theme. The Western drama depicted life in West Texas and featured Rock Hudson, Elizabeth Taylor, and James Dean. You will encounter each of these stars in the murals of Paintbrush Alley!

Pop Art Museum

Pop Art Museum was a  former downtown bowling alley from the 1950s turned art masterpiece! It’s located at 125 West Twohig Ave. Over 30 local artists came together to create this highly Instagrammable, pop-inspired space filled with unique artistry with eye-catching “Pop.”

San Angelo Museum Of Fine Arts

The San Angelo Museum of Fine Arts is probably the only San Angelo destination where you’d expect to see art, and of course, you will. The building is nestled along the river and was sculpted into the space with a curving roofline. This Museum is known for its collection of American ceramics. It’s the most humorous and enjoyable collection and a feast of colors, styles, and themes, from sea anemones to a fish shop and a green dog.

Towns Near San Angelo, TX

There is more to do in the area of Big Spring, Coleman, and Brownwood.

Whatever the occasion, I’m sure you will fall in love with San Angelo as we did.


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