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Mother-Daughter Trip To Waco

mother-daughter road trip to Waco Texas

We took the perfect road trip to Waco, TX, which was well spent with my mom.

If you’ve ever wanted to take your mother on a road trip, Waco would be a great place to visit with her. Its small-town charm is full of wonderful things women love to do and see. Waco is located in Central Texas and makes an excellent day trip from Dallas-Fort Worth, as it’s only 1.5 hour’s drive south. The driving distance from Waco to Austin is about 102 miles and roughly 180 miles from San Antonio. Our latest mother-daughter road trip to Waco, TX, was just what we both needed, especially my mom. Keep reading to see the activities we had fun doing together and separately!

Mother-Daughter Trip Waco, TX

We’ve now been on at least six mother-daughter road trips, two being to Waco. So, this is our second time visiting the city together. The first time was in 2017, and it was our first visit to Magnolia Market. And how it’s changed from then to now. I do need to say that this trip is a couple of years old and was hanging out on my other website. Our latest mother-daughter trip was to Pearland, Texas.

Do you travel with your mother?

I will continue to bring my mom along on road trips as long as she’s able. Being almost 85 years old limits her on some things, but she’s a trooper when I want to go off and do the things she can’t – like horseback riding or ziplining.

Our Mother-Daughter Relationship

I suppose not every daughter gets along with her mother as you would think they would or should. I’ve heard stories from my friends that they don’t see eye to eye with their mothers and would never travel with them. My mom and I have a special bond that we love. We are a lot alike and like most of the same things. However, I’m much more energetic and not ready to rock in the front porch rocking chair. I like my outdoor activities and seek them out on every trip. She’s just as happy sitting in the cabin or hotel room doing her crossword puzzles or watching a movie while I’m doing my thing.

What We Did On Our Mother-Daughter Road Trip to Waco, TX.

It was a little chilly, and the weather called for scattered showers. Magnolia Market was busy, but spring break caused long lines. I’m unsure what I was thinking about going to Waco during this time. But it never disappoints us, especially since the Gaines family started all their businesses there. It’s been the biggest draw to Waco and has become a popular place to visit and live.

Things We Did on Our Mother-Daughter Trip to Waco:

  1. Stayed in an adorable cottage cabin I found on Hipcamp.
  2. Had brunch on the patio at Magnolia Table.
  3. We had coffee at the coffee shop at Magnolia Market.
  4. We Drove around downtown but were too tired to get out. But I hear Spice Village is a place to stop in.
  5. I looked for a winery, but Waco doesn’t have any – well, maybe one.
  6. My mom and I made the cutest mini clay basket at the Potter’s House in the community near our cottage.
  7. We watched movies at night on Netflix on my computer.
  8. I rode horseback on a scenic Texas Ranch in Waco, and my mom stayed at the cabin with her dog, Lily, and watched a Netflix series.

All is good.

Next time, we will visit more local shops and antique stores downtown and explore the non-touristy area of Waco, just not during spring break.

It’s very possible to take a Waco day trip from Dallas, Fort Worth. Many do it all the time. 

Magnolia Market At The Silos

Joanna Gaines is doing something extraordinary with her shop and has added plenty more small shops around the premises. You could say Mom and I are Fixer Upper fans. I also noticed way more food trucks there than the last time. They all looked pretty good, too. One thing to note – it doesn’t cost money to hang out on the lawn of the Magnolia Market. We saw so many young families and their kids having picnics and playing yard games. It was a time well spent with the family.

Travel Tips: The store is open on Monday but not on Sunday. Don’t go to Waco on a Sunday! About Parking – there’s free parking on the same street as the shops, and it is only a short walk, so be sure to look for it.

Magnolia Table

Brunch at Magnolia Table

We ordered at the to-go counter and found a great table on the porch. I helped my mom eat those excellent hash browns. The food was superb, and the perfect place for mother-daughter to enjoy time together.

Travel Tip: If you go to the restaurant with a two-hour wait, you can go around the building, make a to-go order, and take it to the patio to enjoy. It’s a sure way to say you ate at the Magnolia Table.

Mom and I made mini clay baskets at the Pottery House.


Homestead Craft Village

The Potter’s House

We happened in the Homestead Craft Village somehow and enjoyed walking around and looking at each building. Our favorite was the Potter’s House, where we each made a tiny basket out of clay. I painted them when we got home and gave Mom’s back to her.

Horseback Riding At Brazos Bluffs Ranch

My trip to Waco, TX, wouldn’t be perfect without a trail ride! If you want to ride horses near Waco, look up Brazos Bluffs Ranch. They offer a 90-minute trail ride through open fields and scenic views on the trails of their land. Some parts were uphill and downhill, which I loved! On my last horse ride, I learned how to lean when the horse is climbing or going downhill. I think I’m ready to trot now!! Can you tell I had a good time?

The horseback Ride at Brazos Bluffs Ranch is just outside Waco. The Brazos River is behind me.

Places To Visit in Waco

A mother-daughter trip is a great way to bond, share stories and make memories. My mom told me stories from her childhood that she had never told me. I’m surprised she remembered all of it.

These places were on our list to visit, but we ran out of time, or one of us was too tired to go! These options would also make an excellent trip for a mother-daughter duo.

  1. Cameron Park Zoo
  2. Waco Mammoth National Monument – one of the most excellent national parks in the area
  3. Waco Tours – try Waco Adventure Tours for its guided tours
  4. Dr. Pepper Museum – the history of soft drinks
  5. Waco has several museums that showcase Texas history, including the Texas Ranger Hall of Fame & Museum.
  6. Waco offers several spas for moms and daughters to treat themselves. If you want to relax, enjoy the services of an on-site masseuse, or indulge in a pedicure or manicure. Yes, to this!

Until our next mother-daughter trip, I’ll have fond members of this one. If you decide to take your mother (or daughter) on a trip with you …make it memorable.


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