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Outdoor Activities At Texas Beaches

Outdoor Activities At Texas Beaches

Choose one of these outdoor activities at Texas beaches for more fun.

We all know Texas beaches are for swimming in, enjoying the sun, and sitting under an umbrella watching the kids play in the water, which is fun and a must. But did you know you can also do other outdoor activities at Texas beaches? For instance, you can build a sandcastle, fly a kite, ride horseback on the seashore, and more. Doesn’t that sound fun?

Today’s article is about the best beaches in the state and fabulous things to do at Texas beaches after swimming all day for three days straight.

Outdoor Activities At Texas Beaches

The Lone Star State has plenty of beaches and miles of coastline on the Gulf of Mexico to play and stay in, so why go anywhere else!! So, while planning a beach vacation, remember these other outdoor activities you can also do! Find that popular spot you’ve heard about and see what’s happening there.

Build A Sandcastle On South Padre Island

Have you ever wanted to build a sandcastle on the beach that looked like something from a magazine? I have (not in Texas). Book a family sandcastle-building session at the beach if you want to leave with a special memory. It’s a fantastic activity for all ages.

Take A Kite Lesson At Texas Beaches

Do you know how to fly a kite – one of those kites with a long tail? If not, and you want to experience flying kites on the beach, locate a company that teaches how to fly a kite properly. There are a few in SPI and at other beaches.

Take The Ferry To Port Boliver Peninsula (Crystal Beach)


The last time we were at Galveston Island was in October. Unbeknownst to me, the weather was nice enough for my grandson to play in the water. We had no idea, so we did not pack a bathing suit. So off he goes clothes and all, to play in the water. No regrets…just a wet, happy boy!

Do you know about the Ferry from Galveston to Port Boliver? You can take the Ferry (free) over to the other Islands. You’ll wait in line (sometimes long) and drive your car onto the Ferry for an 18-minute one-way ride. Getting out of your vehicle is allowed, and I’ve heard you can go up to the 2nd floor to try to spot the dolphins. Once at the ferry ports, you hop off and go sightseeing or whatever else you want. Then, at a specific time, the Ferry takes you back. OR there is a road that does lead back to Galveston, but I believe it’s a long way around.

Travel Tip: We waited in line for the Ferry as long as we could and realized it would be a much longer wait, and we had to get back to my Uncle’s house to get ready to drive back home – and this was in October!!

Yoga On Stewart Beach

Stewart Beach – Galveston

How about yoga on the beach at Stewart Beach? You could find a place that offers yoga lessons on the beach, or you could do your poses yourself. Either way, it’s a great place to stretch your body. Stewart Beach is Galveston’s premier beach and the one we visited as kids. It’s also where we went last time we were there.

If you can’t find free parking on the street, there is a fee to park on the beach – $12-$15.

Ride A Horse On The Beach In Matagorda

Ride a horse on the beach in Matagorda, then play at the Matagorda Bay Nature Park. Matagorda is also an excellent area for fishing. Be sure to check that out if fishing is on your list.

Watch The Release Of Turtle Hatchlings In Corpus Christi

Corpus Christi has beautiful beaches that may not be as crowded as SPI or Galveston. Turtle hatchling releases (Kemp’s Ridley Sea Turtles) usually happen between mid-June through August at the Padre Island National Seashore. For all the updated info on sea turtle releases, visit – Corpus Christi Sea Turtle Releases.

Besides playing at one of the most underrated beaches in Texas, Mustang Island is a white sand beach with a high reputation for being lovely. It’s also the most searched beach in Corpus. At Mustang Island State Park, you can surf, fish, and kayak; there’s a perfect spot for bird-watching. There is so much to do there for nature lovers. Camping is even allowed, and picnic tables are available, so pack the food!!

Play Volleyball At The Blue Wave Beach


According to a source, Rockport Beach is known as the “Blue Wave Beach” and the cleanest beach in Texas. Rockport is about a 2-hour drive from San Antonio. If the kids or grandkids are going, this article is a must-read. It has several ideas of what to do in Rockport-Fulton with kids.

Visit The McFaddin National Wildlife Refuge

Port Arthur

The impeccable McFaddin Beach is located in Port Arthur and is home to the McFaddin National Wildlife Refuge. Plan to go birding here and pack binoculars for those hard-to-see bird species—read this next – how to spend a perfect day in PA.

Off-Road On The Sand At Boca Chica Beach


Boca Chica Beach in Brownsville is one of the nicest beaches in Texas, where you can drive your licensed vehicle on the sand. From what I read, this beach is practically untapped. Bring food, water, and everything else you might think you need because there is no store nearby. Please check before you go in case Boca Chica Beach is closed.

And…so much more to enjoy outdoors at Texas Beaches!

Chastity from “A Cowboys Life Blog” says  – “We could all use a little sand in our toes, the sounds of crashing waves, and the smell of salty air. Thankfully, Texas has over 300 miles of coastlines and plenty of beaches to enjoy. Whether you want to catch some waves, work on your tan, or walk along a boardwalk, you can find your perfect beach at one of these Texas destinations.” Check out her list of Top Beach Towns To Visit In Texas.

Other Outdoor Activities You Can Do at Islands of Texas:


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