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Quick Weekend Trips From Dallas

Petrified old building in Glen Rose

weekend trips from dallas for families

Here are quick weekend trips from Dallas to arrive before dinner.

Do you live in Dallas and are searching for nearby places to go for a weekend? Or perhaps you’re visiting the city and want to get away somewhere fun that’s not too far. If you only have a weekend and don’t want to spend it in the car getting to the destination, check out these quick weekend trips from Dallas for families, and be there before dinner!

There’s something to be said about the small-town feel and its offers. Weekend trips are for relaxing and getting as far as you can from the daily grind or what I call the Big D, right?

Quick Weekend Trips From Dallas For Families

The Lone Star State has many lovely places to spend time in, but the weekend is all you have when you work all week. And who wants to spend their time in the car? Not me.

What’s a quick weekend getaway for you? Anything under three hours is what I think a short trip would be. East Texas has so many places I’d love to mention because it’s not too far from Dallas, and the area offers fantastic places to relax and spend time in nature.

When I want to get away for a weekend, I look for a place with a hot tub, horseback riding, a winery, and live music. Some of the best weekend getaways from Dallas are right out your front door.

Brenham / Chappell Hill / Washington / Burton

Take a scenic road trip through these towns and stop at the interesting ones. There are heaps of Texas history in this part of the state. With Washington On The Brazos State Historic Site, the Barrington Plantation State Historic Site, and many historical museums, historic homes, and buildings, you could spend hours brushing up on the history of Texas. And, if you plan your quick weekend trip at the end of May or the first of June, Chappell Hill Lavender Farm will have lavender to cut and other fruits to pick. Plus, great photo ops in the lavender fields.

Sam Houston National Forest

Months ago, I took a road trip to Conroe, and on my way home, Siri took me on the backroads right through Sam Houston National Forest. I was in awe and couldn’t believe I’d never been this way when we traveled to Houston as a child. It’s a perfect place to find peace and go hiking.

Sam Houston National Forest is about 2.5 hours from Dallas and 50 miles north of Houston. The city of Conroe is not too far and is an excellent town to play in! There is Lake Conroe and the Margaritaville Resort on Lake Conroe. This would be my pick out of all of these weekend trips from Dallas for families.

Lake Texoma

One hour’s drive from Dallas, you’re at Lake Texoma. You can go to work on Friday and be at the lake in time to cook on the grill. Nab one of those cabins on the lake, or you can opt for something more spectacular, like a villa at Tanglewood Resort on Lake Texoma. It’s getting a brand-new makeover as well. I hear there’s great fishing there, too.

John Wayne Museum at the Fort Worth Stockyards

Fort Worth

Okay, so Fort Worth is only a short drive from downtown Dallas, but if you live anywhere near the Dallas-Fort Worth area, you know that both cities are different – like night and day. Fort Worth is more laid back, a little country, and has the Fort Worth Stockyards. That’s a bit different than Dallas’ nightlife of discos and nightclubs.

You’ll also find some of the best restaurants Fort Worth offers right in the middle of it all at the stockyards. Duke was my hero back in the day.

If you plan to spend the night, visit the Botanical Gardens the next day.

For history lovers, the National Multicultural Western Heritage Museum (new name) recognizes outstanding pioneers who played a role in settling the early American western frontier. It is located on Main Street, near the iconic Joe T. Garcia restaurant.

Sunflowers In Sadler

Located in North Texas, Sadler is roughly 77 miles from Dallas. This road trip could be a day trip, but you could make it a weekend by finding an excellent place to stay for a few days. Bloomer’s Garden will have its cut-your-own sunflower summer blooms. Also, cut-your-own zinnias, cosmos, and Mexican sunflowers. They will also have blackberries and blueberries to pick in mid-June. Check the website for exact times.

Cedar Creek Lake

Cedar Creek Lake is southeast of Dallas and offers a nice lake to swim in and fish. There are rentals everywhere on the lake. I can attest to this lake being very laid back and family-friendly. We had a lake house right on the lake for 50 years until this past December when my mom had to sell it. We practically grew up there.

It’s another lake I’ve heard incredible things about, and the fishing ain’t bad either. Lake Fork is a short drive east of Dallas.


Right before Austin on I-35 is an exit for Georgetown, roughly a 2.5-hour drive from Dallas. You can enjoy good food, great golf courses, and Texas’s most beautiful town square.

Best Day Ever Ranch, Whitewright, TX

When we were there in 2016, the cabins were newly updated and cute! The cabins are small, with steep stairs to a loft. However, other options do not have steep stairs. My favorite thing was having coffee on the porch the next morning. Someone nearby was playing country music, and it all seemed so serial. If you get the chance, ask to see the treehouse cabin. The bathtub alone is worth renting.

Each rental gets a golf cart to use – sorry, no golf club or golf courses – but who needs one? But the best part is that most of their cabins have an outdoor shower—incredible. BDER also offers an event center perfect for weddings, an incredible outdoor gazebo, and lots of room to roam for your guests. You have to read about this place.

Best Day Ever Ranch is a quick weekend getaway from Dallas – your entire family will love it.

Photo Credit: A.Anderson

Getaway Tiny Cabins – Navasota, TX

You’ll find another Getaway Cabin in the small town of Navasota (close to Houston), just a short drive from Dallas. We went, and it was the best way to hang out in nature for my kid. And yes, they are pet-friendly.

Remember that these cabins are tiny, but the time spent in nature is why this company chose each area to place their small cabins. Along with these two locations, there are cabins in the Austin and San Antonio areas and a few scattered around the East and West Coast.

A Great Getaway in Frisco, TX

Frisco is one of the best places to hang out for a day or weekend in North Texas – complete with live music, a fun downtown area on Main Street, fun escape rooms, and more. It makes a fun quick getaway from Dallas.


Turner Falls, Oklahoma

Our neighboring state, Oklahoma, has wonderful places to visit as well. Turner Falls can easily be one of the best day trips from Dallas, but there are cabins everywhere you turn in that area, plus good homemade pies.

Broken Bow, Oklahoma

Broken Bow is a beautiful place to get away to – it’s only a 3-hour drive from Dallas. You may want to enjoy the area’s outdoor activities for a long weekend.

No matter where you go in Texas or over the border, just a little, let one of these quick weekend trips from Dallas for families make memories for you all.


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