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Restaurants On Main Street In Grapevine, TX

Here are excellent restaurants on Historic Main Street In Grapevine, TX. (plus where to sleep and wine)

When it comes to visiting the Christmas Capital of Texas, whether in winter, spring, summer, or fall, you probably will want to know all the restaurants on Main Street in Grapevine, TX, to choose where you would like to eat. I always scope out where to eat before going somewhere. Grapevine, located in North Texas, is a unique town in the Lone Star State that gets visitors all year, especially during the holidays.

With a little over 50K population, Grapevine is not a small town but a merry one – in all seasons. Some of the best restaurants in the Metroplex are downtown on Main Street. I love Dallas, but there is no need to go there for good food.

I visited Grapevine on a Christmas Capital of Texas media trip. That’s why most of my photos are all decked out for the holidays, but visiting any time of year, these restaurants, hotels, and winery tasting rooms rock!

Historic Downtown Grapevine, Texas

Less than 10 minutes from the DFW Airport, downtown Grapevine offers opportunities to make memories with your family. It really doesn’t matter when you go or why you go –it’s always magical, and dining is all part of the memories waiting to be made.

Grapevine restaurants on Main Street offer steak, BBQ, Mexican food, Italian, hamburgers & much more. It’s really a diversified town for great food. One of the best parts about eating in Grapevine is that restaurants do not come and go. They stick around for years and years.

When I’m in town, I mainly eat at restaurants on historic Main Street or the side streets. Mainly because I like to walk up and down the street shopping and visit wineries, then eat somewhere –it’s the thing to do when in Grapevine.

Restaurants On Main Street In Grapevine, TX

Excellent restaurants on Historic Main Street in Grapevine have been in business for a long time. Once a restaurant is established on Main Street, it doesn’t ever go away, and that’s a good thing! The best places to eat delicious dishes are on Historic Main Street. Grapevine, TX, but that’s my opinion. Check out the list below and start drooling — it’s not hard to do.

If it’s your first time to downtown Grapevine, this list will hopefully help you decide where to dine. We’ve got something for every taste bud.

From Dallas Street to W Northwest Hwy, Historic Main Street is full of nostalgia from long-standing restaurants, wineries, and many boutiques and stores that fill the walls of historic buildings.

Napoli’s Italian Kitchen

Cuisine: Classic Italian
Menu Highlights: A great place to try lobster ravioli.
Happy Hour: (I will update you soon with their hours.)
Address: 309 S. Main St.
817-310-0385. Please call for reservations.

Grapevine’s original Italian restaurant features hand-tossed pizza, fresh pasta, and more. Visit the market for gelato – same address. Outdoor seating and live music are here, and vegetarians will love it too!

Travel Note: If visiting in the month of December, reservations, happy hour & brunch are put aside because of the tremendous holiday crowd.

Chez Fabien’s Main Street Bistro And Bakery

Cuisine: French Bistro (casual)
Menu Highlights: The almond croissant you see above was delicious!
Happy Hour: None
Address: 316 S. Main St.
(817) 424-4333

Serves breakfast, brunch, lunch & dinner – and drinks at the bar, where many locals partake.

One of my favorite restaurants in Grapevine is Main Street Bistro And Bakery.

Fun Fact: All first-class International flights going out of DFW Airport serve Chez Fabien’s croissants.

Dino’s Steak & Claw House

Cuisine: Steakhouse & Seafood
Menu Highlights: all the steaks (I hear)
Happy Hour: None
Address: 342 S. Main St. (Closed Sunday)
817-488-3100 – It’s best to make reservations online or call.

Dino’s is an upscale fine-dining steakhouse restaurant in historic downtown Grapevine. This is a perfect spot for a romantic engagement.

Farina’s Winery & Cafe

“Where friends meet.” I love this slogan because it’s so true, and I’ve done it a few times.

Cuisine: Italian
Menu Highlights: Lasagna and Spaghetti Pizza
Happy Hour: Mon-Fri 4-6:30 pm
Address: 420 S. Main St.

I enjoyed the lasagne, and the spaghetti pizza was okay. They are known for both, so I suggest starting with these two entrees! Or do as we did. We ordered both for tasting and individually ordered what we wanted. I also enjoyed a glass of Becker Cabernet Sauvignon from Fredricksburg, TX.

Esparza’s Restaurante Mexicano

Cuisine: Tex-Mex
Menu Highlights: Margaritas – frozen or on the rocks. It would be best if you paced yourself with them – trust me, I know. I’ve had plenty in the last twenty years.
Happy Hour: Monday through Friday, 11 am to 7 pm.
Address: 124 E. Worth St.
817-488-4668. They do not take reservations. Arrive early to get your name on the list.

I’m not sure it’s official, but Esparza’s is The Margarita Capital of Texas! They certainly are in Grapevine, Texas!

Travel Note: Esparza’s offers a holiday menu during the holidays, and no brunch is served.

It’s always a fun atmosphere here, especially on the patio, where you can see people come and go—a huge hit for locals. It’s my favorite place to sit, and believe it or not, December is a great time to sit outside in Texas (most of the time). They have heaters in the winter months and misters in the hot summer months.

Since I can remember, this Esparza’s has been around for a long time – through every date – every festival – and every time we want a good margarita!

And if the line is too long for you to wait, you might as well go ahead and put your name on the waitlist and wait it out because Esparza’s is the only Mexican restaurant in downtown Grapevine.

Lots of free public parking around the restaurant.

Big Fish Seafood Grill & Bar

Cuisine: Fresh Seafood with Cajun options
Menu Highlights: fish & chips
Happy Hour: 4-6 pm – offers happy hour food
Address: 414 S. Main St.

It is a great place for watching sports on TV and live music on some days.


Cuisine: Hamburgers and such
Menu Highlights: Salad bar
Happy Hour: A great happy hour spot – 4-7 pm
Address: 432 S. Main St.

Long-standing bar and restaurant. Live music and a dance floor.

Tolbert’s Restaurant And Chili Parlor

Cuisine: Southwestern traditional dishes and the best chili in town
Menu Highlights: Chili Bowl and Donkey Tails
Happy Hour: Monday thru Friday (hours ?)
Address: 423 S. Main St.

Stay late to hear live blues, jazz & rock.

Fun Fact: Tolbert’s has earned many awards at the Terlingua Chili Cook-off.​

Jakes Burger & Beer

Cuisine: Burgers & Beer
Menu Highlights: Great burgers – that’s all I’ve had there. It’s said that they serve the best burgers in DFW.
Happy Hour:
Address: 520 S Main St Unit 201

It stays open until midnight on Friday and Saturday.

AJ’s On Main

Cuisine: Texas Style BBQ
Menu Highlights: Pulled pork
Happy Hour: None
Address: 651 S. Main St.
817-488-6112 – (Closed Mondays)

One of the longest-standing restaurants on Main Street.

Harvest Hall

Cuisine: Food Court – a little bit of everything, plus a bar, live music, and a dance floor!
Menu Highlights: 7 kitchens, 1 bar, and a mini Visit Center – plus more.
Happy Hour: None
Address: 815 S Main St.

Check out this entertainment venue – Harvest Hall Food Court – one of the best things to have come to downtown Grapevine! If you didn’t know, Harvest Hall is connected to Hotel Vin.

Texas Star Dinner Theater

Cuisine: Traditional American Fare
Menu Highlights:
Happy Hour: None
Address: 816 S. Main St.
817-310-5588 (reservations)

It’s a 95-seat murder mystery dinner theater – great for groups, private events, and celebrations.

Tasting Rooms And Wineries In Grapevine, Texas

All but two wineries are on historic Main Street. From North Main Street to South Main Street and around the bend to Delaney Vineyards, you can enjoy yourself at all these wineries and wine-tasting rooms, tasting and sipping the wine in Grapevine.

Take a self-guided walking wine tour to seven wineries on Main Street (2-8). If you want to visit all the wineries in Grapevine, take the Urban Wine Trail to see them all!

  1. Cross Timbers Winery – North Main Street
  2. Messina Hof Grapevine Winery
  3. Sloan & Williams Winery
  4. Grape Vine Springs Winery
  5. Landon Winery Grapevine – tasting room
  6. Bingham Family Vineyards Grapevine – tasting room
  7. Bull Lion Ranch Winery
  8. Wine Fusion Winery – you can make your own wine
  9. Delaney Vineyards – off Hwy 121

Hotel Vin – Summertime


Hotels In Grapevine, Texas

So, there are not too many hotels on Main Street in Grapevine, but plenty are nearby.​ Whether you are traveling with the family, large group, as a couple, or even solo, Grapevine offers plenty of accommodations for your stay. From world-class resorts like the Gaylord Texan to family destinations like Great Wolf Lodge and everything in between, there is a hotel to accommodate you comfortably.

Hotel Vin

Hotel Vin is the only hotel in historic downtown Grapevine. It’s adjacent to Harvest Hall. I spent my birthday here back in July with a friend of mine. We invited a couple of friends to come along, and

I recently walked through to see the holiday decor. But my favorite is outside. Rent an igloo at Hotel Vin if you want to bump up your holidays in Grapevine. It’s fun in a bubble, climate-controlled inside, and waitstaff coming around, drinks and more. What a perfect way to romance your partner or for a special occasion.

Hilton DFW Lakes Hotel

This is where we stayed during the media event. It’s my first stay here, and I loved it, from the guest room to the breakfast buffet to all the excellent service given to us. I am also a Hilton Honors member, and I was thanked by the rep who checked me in. I give Hilton DFW Lakes Hotel an A+ for customer service – inside and out!

Gaylord Texan Resort

​If you know me and my writings, you know that I’ve stayed here more than probably twenty times in a fifteen-year period. I’ve really lost count by now.

There are over 1500 rooms, four or five restaurants, an indoor pool, an outdoor pool, a spa and fitness center, a food market with coffee and snacks, boutiques, and more. For fun, the Escape Room is a great experience for families and friends (fun, but hard,), and all the special events going on there throughout the year.

Then, there’s ICE! at Gaylord Texan Resort, a must-go at least once during the holidays. Plus there are so many holiday activities in the hotel.

Great Wolf Lodge

It is a family-fun resort with an indoor water park, shops, guest rooms, and fun activities for the kids. I haven’t stayed here yet. But it’s a great place to make memories with your family, especially young children.

Get to know these restaurants on Main Street in Grapevine, TX, and by all means, drop by the gorgeous Grapevine Convention & Visitors Bureau at 636 S Main Street and ask about more things to do and all the hotels available in the area and all the fun, unique things to do in Grapevine during Christmas.


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