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Sunflower Fields in Texas To Visit

Sunflower Fields in Texas To Visit

Here is a list of sunflower fields in Texas for summer/fall 2024 visits.

The Lone Star State has over 15 Sunflower Fields in Texas to visit. I wish there were more. Did you know that Texas sunflowers have only 1 season for growing? So many get confused (me too) about when the sunflower season is in Texas. But now, we know.

Numerous sunflowers commonly bloom during summer – the peak season for the flower; however, late-blooming sunflowers grow from September to October. But it’s still just one growing season.

Sunflowers grow tall, bright yellow flowers, making a landscape appealing to the eye in the summer and fall.

Sunflowers are perennials (meaning they come back each year) and bloom for 8-12 weeks.

Looking to Grow Your Own Sunflowers?

If you’re looking to grow sunflowers, it’s best to plant the seeds in late spring after the last signs of frost, and you’ll have beautiful sunflowers in mid-summer (early June) through the first frost during the sunflower season.

Sunflower Fields In Texas

Visiting sunflower fields is something the whole family can enjoy. Whether in the summer or fall, there are usually extra farm activities that visitors can partake in. There could be an opportunity for family photos amid sunflowers.

You’ll find sunflower fields throughout the Lone Star State – from North Texas to West Texas, Houston, and South Texas.

Also, if you can’t hire a professional photographer to accompany you on your sunflower journey, don’t worry – your phone camera will do. I take all my photos from my Apple 13 iPhone, which always looks impressive.

Sunflower Fields In Texas To Visit

Like any other flower, Mother Nature controls when the flowers will bloom. It’s always best to check the farm’s website to ensure crops bloom, especially if you go out there to pick the sunflowers. I do love a beautiful flower bouquet like the one above. But be sure to bring a pocket full of money – they aren’t cheap.

Bloomer’s Garden in June. Photo Credit: Kim Croisant


Fall Sunflower Fields In Texas To Visit

Late summer blooms or late-blooming sunflowers usually bloom in September, just in time for all the fall festivals and pumpkin patches. A sunflower field full of yellow and green makes a fabulous photo drop for your Instagram photos!

• Maxwell’s Pumpkin Farm


Maxwell’s Pumpkin Farm – a country farm in Amarillo since 2007, kicks off its fall season of cut-your-own sunflowers in September.

Dates: September. Call before you go to see when you can cut sunflowers for yourself.

Sunflower fields will be open until they are picked over or bloomed out! Don’t miss this perfect photo op! Lots of fun for the whole family with many attractions to boot.

Fall Days at Maxwell’s Pumpkin Farm

Dates: September – October, on weekends only.

Admission: $16-$20. See all activities on its website.

• Dewberry Farm

Brookshire, Texas (45 min drive from downtown Houston)

Dewberry Farm is another farm going all out this fall with a petting zoo, sunflowers to pick, games, rides, a Ferris wheel, and more.

Cashless. Entertainment on Saturdays in October.

Dates: It starts in the middle of September and goes through the middle of November.

Admission: $35 – includes 40+ family activities

• Froberg’s Farm Fall Festival

Alvin, Texas (Near Galveston)

Froberg’s Farm is open year-round, and its fall festival starts in October. Sunflower picking will start then.

Dates: Sept. – Nov.

Admission: $12. Activities are extra $.

• Yesterland Farm

Canton (East of Dallas)

The fall festival at Yesterland Farm will include a corn maze, farm animals, a Texas wall, an amusement park, a pumpkin house, etc.

You-Pick Sunflowers & Zinnias are only available in September. You must purchase a fall festival ticket to enter the fields. Cutting flowers to take home is an extra cost.

Dates: Middle of September – first of November.

Admission: Tickets go on sale sometime in August

2024 Summer Sunflower Blooms

The sunflower farms below offer summer blooms.

Pro Tip: Bring your own heavy-duty scissors to cut the sunflowers

• Hamilton Farms

Shallowater (West Texas)


Hamilton Farms near Lubbock offers cut-your-own fresh sunflowers in June & July. You’ll find acres and acres of fresh sunflowers to pick, food trucks, photo ops., feed the animals, and more during their Sunflower Days.

$6 Admission fee.

• Western Bell Family Farm

West, TX (Near Waco)

Middle of May – Middle of June

Their 2nd annual Sunflower Festival is from May 13 – June 11, 2023. Western Bell hopes the sunflowers will be out in May, but they may extend all the fun to June if they are not (due to the weather). It’s a pick-your-own sunflowers and zinnias farm. The city of West is 10 minutes north of Waco.

$10 Admission fee. Tickets go on sale May 1st.

• P-6 Farms

Montgomery, Texas (north of Houston)

P-6 Farms, a family farm since 1973. It is one of the best, if not the best, U-pick-Em farms in southeast Texas—you-pick sunflowers.

Dates for their summer sunflower picking is June 2024.

• Bloomer’s Garden (formerly Wild Berry Farm)

Sadler (North Texas)


Located in Sadler, TX, almost to the Oklahoma-Texas border, you’ll find nine varieties of cut-your-own sunflower summer blooms, including red sunflowers and Mexican sunflowers. Also, cut-your-own zinnias and cosmos. They will also have blackberries and blueberries to pick in mid-June. Check the website before you go – Bloomer’s Garden.

$6 Admission Fee. $1-$3 per sunflower stem. Bring heavy-duty scissors. No pets.

Editors Note: We visited on June 26, 2022, and picked zinnias and cosmos AND the biggest sunflower I have ever seen. The head of the sunflower is about 5 inches all around and will feed my birds for a while. Also, if any seeds drop to the ground (and they will), I will likely have sunflowers growing in my own garden. Those were $5.

• Wildseed Farms

Texas Hill Country

late summer for sunflowers

Fredericksburg – Wildseed Farms – late summer blooms of sunflowers, but there is no wrong time to go March through October at this farm. It seems there is always something growing in the fields. Plus, you can take a hike on the walking path while viewing the gardens. Note – this is not a cut-your-own flower farm but a store where you can buy seeds and Texas memorabilia. And now they offer wine tastings!

• Sweet Berry Farms

Marble Falls (Texas Hill Country)

Starting in June, they will have cut-your-own sunflowers. Sweet Berry Farms offers so many activities for families.

No fee to park or enter but most activities costs. Cash or credit cards are accepted.

• Sweet Eats Fruit Farm

Georgetown (Austin)


Their Sunflower Festival is set to start in June. Sweet Eats Fruit Farm will have a Wine Your Way Out for 22 years and older.

Buy tickets online for cheaper. $17.95 and up.

Extra sunflower field viewing

Farm Closures:

Sadly, the Lone Star Family Farm in Stephenville, TX, has decided to close their farm.

George Farms – Poteet (South Texas) closed their farm for good in December 2022 and moved to Arkansas.

Stay tuned for more fall Sunflower Fields in Texas To Visit later in the year (2023).


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