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Texas Wine Trail: Wineries Included

Texas Wine Trail

Plan your route to the wineries included in the Texas Wine Trail in the Texas Hill Country – Updated.

The Texas Wine Trail Passport is in full swing yearly, starting with the Wine Lovers Celebrate in February. The Texas Hill Country Wine Trail is one of the best wine trails to follow in the Lone Star State – but that’s my opinion.

My friend and I followed the Wine Lovers Celebrate in 2022 (you don’t have to be “lovers” to visit as all are welcome—good friends included). Despite the frozen tundra (well, maybe not that bad) that happened in Feb. 2022 in the Hill Country, we had the most amazing time, especially in Johnson City, where we stayed for two nights.

Then, in October 2022, I took my mom and son for the Texas Wine Month trail (photo above). That was fun, and we also brought our dogs along as there are pet-friendly wineries that participated.

PLEASE NOTE: Not all wineries in Texas Hill Country are members of the Texas Wine Trail, and not all members participate in the wine tours, so be sure to view the list during each wine trail when planning your visit. The list is on their website.

Photo Credit: Texas Hill Country Wine

Texas Wine Trail Wine Passports

I wasn’t familiar with the wineries in the Hill Country, so I made a few mistakes along the way. Hopefully, you won’t make the same mistakes after reading my article here. My biggest mistake was not knowing how far apart the wineries were from each other. We found ourselves backtracking a little – no, a lot! This was last year. Now I know where they all are (2023). But I’m keeping the information here because it’s easy to get turned around when looking for the best trail to follow.

1. Wine Lovers Celebration

End of January – February

Tickets: $65/$100 – 40+

2. Wine & Wildflower Journey


Tickets: $65/$100 – 43 Wineries

3. Texas Wine Month

The full month of October

October is Wine Month!

Tickets: $85/$120 – 45+ Wineries

4. Christmas Wine Affair

November – December

Tickets: $65-$100 – 40 Wineries

See it all at Texas Wine Trail. But keep reading for the best wine trails to follow.

Fiesta Winery – Fredericksburg

About The Texas Wine Trail & Its Rules

The Texas Hill Country is the top spot for wineries and wine-tasting rooms because it’s the Texas Hill Country with rolling hills, scenic views, and good weather (most of the time).

Here’s to a warm climate (no ice like we had in 2022), breathtaking views, and tons of wines to taste.

Now, grab a glass of wine and peruse this list.

With over 40+ wineries in the Texas Hill Country Texas Wine Trail, I’m sure you’ll find a favorite.

Below, I have grouped the wineries in proximity to each other. This is a crucial detail, especially if you’re new to the hill country area and this is your first wine tour. You don’t want to backtrack as we did on our first wine trail experience.

Texas Hill Country Wine Trail Wineries

I’m starting my list from the Dallas-Fort Worth area, traveling south on Hwy 281. If you come from this area, you will want to group these three and work your way down to Fredericksburg and other hill country towns. I also have not visited every winery in the area – but it’s my goal!

*Not all wineries in the hill country are mentioned here.

Torr Na Lochs – Burnet

Lampasas / Burnet / Marble Falls

Pillar Bluff Vineyards – Lampasas. My mom, son, and I had a long, informative talk with the owner. He even fixed up a pizza with our own vegetables. But don’t expect that – we were there on an off day, and he had the time.

Torr Na Lochs Vineyard & Winery – outside of Burnet. Go here for beautiful views, excellent service, and lunch. Not many wineries serve lunch, but this one does. I ordered the Turkey & Brie Panini. It was delicious (photo above). This is my second time visiting. Our last visit included watching the longhorns travel to their feeding grounds across the rocks.

Wedding Oak Winery Burnet – downtown Burnet. This place is gorgeous inside. It has a beautiful staircase with old wooden steps that leads up to additional rooms and a porch for outside seating overlooking downtown Burnet. I found a favorite wine here that I bought called TEXEDO RED. All their wines are 100% Texas Grown in San Saba, TX.

Fiesta Winery Marble Falls. This is my third time here. They are located on Main Street with lots of shopping within walking distance, a couple of restaurants, and a cute Monroes On Main boutique. I found a fabulous golden mustard cardigan and a lovely flower print kimono – both reasonably priced, which surprised me. On my second visit, I bought a hat.

Note to self: don’t go shopping after drinking wine!

Lamesa / San Saba

Fiesta Winery Lamesa. My mom and I enjoyed sitting outside, picture taking, bites, and, of course, great wine. The top photo in this article is at this winery.

Wedding Oak Winery & Vineyard San Saba is where the vineyards are for all 3 wineries.

Farmhouse Vineyards Marketplace – Johnson City

Johnson City

I’ve deemed this small hill country town one of my favorites, and a cool winery called Farmhouse Vineyards Marketplace makes it all the better. They have a wine that’s everyone’s favorite called Boyfriend. But I liked Ramble On. There’s also a darling boutique with t-shirts, candles, honey, and a place to take selfies. This is a girlfriend’s must-stop.

After you visit Farmhouse Vineyard on Main Street, which turns into Hwy 290 (Wine Road), head to

Silver Dollar Winery and Westcave Cellars, then onto the wine trail Fredericksburg, TX, but a must-stop in Hye, TX, and Stonewall is a great option.

Hwy 290 Wineries – Oh my gosh, take your pick here because there are plenty.

Hye Meadows Winery

Hye / Stonewall / Spicewood / Johnson City

There are at least three wineries on the list in Hye and two in Stonewall. We visited Ron Yates and Hye Meadow Winery, both in Hye. Both had beautiful facilities and friendly staff. We had Stonewall wineries on our list, but the weather messed that up. You’ll also want to group Johnson City wineries in this group.

Texas Heritage Vineyard


On to wineries on Hwy 290 in Fredericksburg.

By far, and we all know it, Fredericksburg is a top favorite destination for just about everything, including wineries. Wine enthusiasts love to visit as there are wineries everywhere you turn.

You may want to check the list further to group Fredericksburg wineries that are close to one another. You’ve got downtown wineries, Hwy 290 wineries, and more that are further out.

Bingham Family Vineyards – Walk through the fantastic ranch store adjacent to it. I can’t wait to visit the winery in Grapevine on Main Street. There are very nice, friendly folks here and a nicely decorated winery.

Fiesta Winery Fredericksburg was our first stop, and it made a good impression.

Wedding Oak Winery Fredericksburg – buy the chocolate-covered pecans!

Texas Heritage Vineyards – one of my favorite wineries I visited in Feb. ’22. The service was impeccable, and the owner took her time to talk to us and said we could call on her if we needed anything. We enjoyed sitting on the patio with excellent meadow views and deer.

There are many more wineries on Hwy 290 on the Texas Wine Trail. But remember, you can only use the pass at four wineries in one day.

Driftwood Estate Winery

Dripping Springs / Driftwood

Dripping Springs is doting with wineries, breweries, and distilleries. If someone in your group longs for Hye Rum, it’s here!

Solaro Estate is closest to Hwy 290. Hawk’s Shadow Winery is way north, and Driftwood Estate Winery is south. Go south if you love BBQ and want to eat at The Salt Lick BBQ. Then, you can head into Comfort and Boerne if desired. We went south and enjoyed the barbeque!

Pro Tip: If going to Salt Lick to eat, the line gets long, so go early.

Sister Creek Vineyards

Boerne / Comfort / Kerrville

With a charming Main Street, a trip to downtown Boerne will be worth it, especially if you love to shop at small boutiques. There are more Fantastic Things To Do In Charming Boerne, Texas, in this article if you’d like to read it.

Sister Creek Vineyards – minutes away from Boerne, Texas. We’ve been here twice, and it’s one of our favorites. The customer service here is great.

Saint Tryphon Farm & Vineyard – down the road from Sister Creek. We couldn’t go this time, but Adeina and I have been here before (together).

Bending Branch Winery is the only winery in Comfort on the Texas Hill Country Texas Wine Trail. Outside seating only. But if it’s cool or cold, a nice fireplace is outside.

Remember, you can only visit four wineries a day using the passport… and the system will flag you if you try to use it more than four times in one day.

For more information about the passport and to buy yours, go to Texas Wine Trail.

Have fun and happy wine tasting!


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