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Thrilling Zip Lines In Texas

Thrilling Zip Lines In Texas: Zip Your Way Through TX

Zip your way through the state with these thrilling zip lines in Texas!

When taking road trips, vacations, or weekend getaways, is there an activity you seek? Mine is a good zip line course. If you’re as adventurous as me and like flying through the air over a canyon, lake, trees, or wherever, you’ll want to know where to find thrilling zip lines in Texas.

My First Thrill

My first zipline experience was in 2013 at Palo Duro Canyon State Park. I was immediately hooked. My husband …not so much. Not so much that he hasn’t done it since. On the other hand, I lost count of times since I’ve zipped. Not all zip lines are the same. Some use gloves, some make you stop, and some say you must stop yourself.

I try to find a zipline course wherever I travel. I have zipped in Broken Bow, Oklahoma, over the most incredible lake, in Wisconsin Dells, WI, in the summer of 2021 with a friend who has never zipped before,  and in Arkansas a couple of years ago when I went on a solo trip to Hot Springs. But since this is a Texas site, all zip line courses below are in Texas.

Brody and I are at the New York Zip Line Course. Tyler, TX, is behind us.

Thrilling Zip Lines In Texas

I’ve zipped in other states, and you’ll be happy to know that my favorite zip lines are here in the Lone Star State.

Brody before we headed up the Palo Duro Canyon to zipline. The year 2013.


And after.

Zip Over The Canyon At Palo Duro Canyon – West Texas

My first ever zip line experience was here at Palo Duro Canyon. Both my husband and I did it. Our grandson was only three years old. He could have sat on his daddy’s lap and zipped the line with him, but he was too scared. He cried the entire time he was getting prepped to get on, but he didn’t have it, so the attendant took him back down the stairs and waited until we were done. That kid is now my ziplining buddy!! He loves it as much as I do. $30 bucks to zip across the canyon! Best money spent.

Any age can zip line here!

Me and Brody at New York Texas Zip Line – Overlooking City of Tyler

New York Zip Line Adventures – East Texas

Ziplining in East Texas at its finest! Brody and I have zipped the New York Zip Line course twice. The first time, we zipped the 6-line course. I told him that we would do the 9-line course the next time …and we did. So worth the extra money spent. The last line took us over a lake, which was so beautiful and lasted longer. If you’re in Tyler, pick up a coupon book and look for a coupon for $10 off ziplining.

$60 – 6-line tour

$95 – 9-line tour (one of the best thrilling zip lines I’ve ever been on!)

NOTE: You will need to call them before making reservations online. Weird, I know, but I did it this way twice.

Thomas Falls – East Texas

I was a little disappointed that I couldn’t do this one. They said we could not open for just one person. It’s a 2-person minimum because they told me it wasn’t enough to hire help for only one person. So, I missed out. However, it was during the week when it wasn’t busy. They said the weekends are always busy. Thomas Falls is an adventure park with all kinds of other activities.

Price: $39-$99

Billy Bob’s Zipline – East Texas

Zipline, go-karts, kayaks, and canoes – oh my! Kayaking is my second favorite activity while on vacation or out in nature. I would have to do both. I’d be in trouble if they offered horseback riding because that’s another activity I seek. Check out Billy Bob’s Zipline – it looks fun!

Price: $25-$100

Go Ape Zipline And Adventure Park – North Texas

My friend and I zipped this course when it first opened about seven years ago. Though it was very tiring for me to climb the stairs to get to each zip line, we had fun, and I did enjoy it. I can remember being unable to do the last one, but my friend did.


Zip Lines In Texas Hill Country


Wimberley Zipline Adventure

I haven’t done this one yet, but it’s ten lines, and I heard it takes about 2 hrs. How cool would it be to zip over canyons and creeks in the hill country? Check out Wimberley Zipline Adventure. And, while you’re there, and if time allows, you may want to visit Jacob’s Well – a spring flowing from the bed of Cypress Creek, located northwest of Wimberley, Texas.

Lake Travis Zipline Adventure – Austin

This one looks fun. Lake Travis Zipline says it’s longer and faster. It’s only five lines, but there is hiking between each line, and they promise views and sights to see.

The cost is $135. That’s steep! There is also a night course, which is also $135. Now, that might be cool to do.

Zip Lost Pines – Austin

Zip Lost Pines offers a “full” zip line tour. From what I saw on the website, the last line (6) is the longest, a must-do, and only offered in the full tour.

$125 for the full 6-line tour – I have never paid that much to zip line.


Zip Lines Near San Antonio


Helotes Hill Country Zip Lines – San Antonio

$100 Bucks for this 9-line zip line course. Open year-round with excellent views of the hill country. Check out Helotes Hill Country Zip Lines for a fun adventure! Kids under 9 can ride with a guide ($110).

My Boy!

For thrilling zip lines to experience, check all of these for your favorite …and don’t hold back!

Ziplines that have closed:

Zip Nac in Nacogdoches, TX

As of 9/23, the DFW Adventure Park zipline course is still closed.

If you’re up for a hike, here are some great places in Texas for hiking – 10 Amazing Day Hikes in Texas


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