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What’s New At Grandscape

What's New At Grandscape

What’s New at Grandscape? It’s Growing Bigger and Grander Every Day

If you haven’t been to Grandscape lately, you might be surprised to see how much it’s grown. The things to do at Grandscape The Colony, Texas, keep growing and growing with world-class attractions. This gigantic mixed-use development in North Texas is the largest of its kind in the United States., proving once more that everything’s bigger in Texas. Let’s talk about what’s new at Grandscape.

Grandscape – a shopping extravaganza is the largest in North Texas, located just north of Dallas in The Colony. You get the feel of being in an amusement park with the Grandscape Ferris Wheel high in the sky, the foundation that turns color, and all the outdoor wonderment around you. But I think it’s more than that. You have everything at your fingertips, including large shopping chains, restaurants of every kind, fun race cars, a theater, live music, and so much more. Let’s see what’s new at Grandscape.

What Is New At Grandscape North Texas

This family outdoor entertainment adventure started with the 2015 opening of Nebraska Furniture Mart, and expansion has exploded like a rocket ever since. The development is on the way to spreading over 400+ acres, with way too many unique restaurants, activities, and events to mention in just one article.

With all these new attractions at Grandscape, many jobs will come to The Colony (North Texas). Many of these features, stores, restaurants, and attractions can only be found at Grandscape in The Colony.

Photo Credit by Jeremy Daniel

Tiger Woods Mini-Golf Course (Brand New)

PopStroke – an elevated mini-golf game coming to Grandscape Feb 2024.

“His Story: The Musical”

A state-of-the-art Broadway show tent is an eye-catching new addition next to the Grandscape Wheel. The tent is home to “His Story: The Musical,” a story “2,000 years in the making.” The contemporary musical about the life of Jesus was written by 17-year-old Anna Brown, with an equally youthful and talented cast of performers. The actor who plays Jesus is from Plano, a close suburb of Dallas. “His Story: The Musical” is slated to run into the fall.

Fountain Life

A new health and wellness center that uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) with data collected from the world’s most renowned physicians and scientists to boost longevity. The goal is to help their members operate at peak performance throughout their lives and live longer.

Red Phone Booth

A new 1920s speakeasy experience with a distinctive atmosphere and rare spirits opens in the Grotto at Grandscape. Come for the adventure, fine craft cocktails, delicious food, and award-winning cigars.

As a guest, you’ll secure a secret phone number on a rotary phone in an antique red phone booth. Successful entry will have you wanting to do it again.

Cosm (Coming Soon)

Cosm is the new leading immersive technology, media, and entertainment company bringing its best to Grandscape. This venue will showcase an 87-foot diameter LED dome and an outdoor deck.

Whether it is a championship game streaming in through its immersive LED dome, dancing in the front row of a concert, or exploring the globe’s most evocative places, it will be an excellent environment for everyone.

Expected opening date: Fall 2024

Sixes Social Cricket

Move over pickleball – it’s a new modern game coming to Grandscape all the way from the UK. Get ready to compete with your friends and win. Open from 4 pm to midnight.

Expected opening date: This summer!

Fritz’s Adventure Indoor Adventure Park

An almost 50,000 sq ft indoor/outdoor adventure for the whole family – coming soon to Grandscape.

There’s already a Fritz’s in Branson, MO, doing quite well. The owner decided to build a Fritz’s Adventure in North Texas

Look for these exciting activities at the new Fritz’s Adventure Park at Grandscape soon.

Expected opening date: TBA

Immersive Gamebox

We aren’t sure when Immersive Gamebox came to Grandscape, but the excitement is real, and we can’t wait to check it out. First in London and now at the Grandscape – now that’s cool. You’ll immerse yourself in games that you probably played as a kid. Be sure to look up this new interactive digital venue and plan for a great time.

Fun in the Sun

Fun in the Sun is back for another year for the summer. Every Tuesday from 10 am to noon, they will have fun outdoor activities for the whole family.

Summer Concert Series

Topo Chico presents new gigs on Thur-Sat nights from 8-10 pm out on the lawn. Bring your lawn chairs and blankets.

The Grandscape Wheel

Not new, but for some, it is. The Grandscape Wheel is a giant Ferris wheel 200-foot tall that rises above the center of the development. The Grandscape Wheel features VIP glass floor gondolas, private gondolas, and grand views of the area, with special packages for couples or families available. Tickets to ride start at $16.63 for adults and less for kids under 12, and the ride lasts about 12-15 minutes.

Did you know that Scheels Sporting Goods Store also has a wheel? The three-story department store houses an indoor Ferris wheel for anyone to ride (not just kids). It’s much smaller than the Grandscape Wheel, but the good part is it’s only $1 to ride it. Make note that the lines can get long on any given day.

Andretti’s Indoor Karting And Games

It’s not new, but Andretti’s still boasts family-friendly entertainment on a suitably grand scale with go-karts, boutique bowling lanes, loads of games, and laser tag. There is no admission fee – you pay as you go. Don’t worry, parents, there are dining options and a bar. But be warned – you’ll have difficulty convincing the kids when it’s time to leave.

New Restaurants At Grandscape

Hungry? It’s hard to leave Grandscape hungry or thirsty since bakeries, bars, and world-class restaurants are everywhere. Prices range from inexpensive take-out or coffee shops to elegant, destination-style dining spots.


A Chicago Restaurant, Portillo’s, known for their Chicago-style hot dogs, opened recently at Grandscape. Italian beef sandwiches, chopped salad, cheese fries, homemade chocolate cake, and chocolate cake shakes will please everyone. The Portillo’s at Grandscape is the first to arrive in Texas, and it has already become the top producer for the Illinois-based restaurant chain.

Akira Back

Akira Back is one of Grandscape’s most elegant new restaurants. Michelin Star Chef Akira Back opened his jewel of a restaurant at Grandscape in 2022. They feature a unique twist on modern Japanese cuisine with Korean essence and an upscale ambiance. Cold and hot sharing plates are the specialty here, along with an extensive wine and sake collection and craft cocktails. Try the Yellowtail Serrano dish.

Curry Up Now

Curry Up Now combines Indian flavors and fresh ingredients for flavorful dishes like Tikka Masala Burritos, Sexy Fries, and Indian-style poutine. This easy-on-the-budget restaurant has become one of our favorite stops. Their craft cocktail bar, Mortar & Pestle, offers a selection of spirits worldwide. Enjoy indoor/outdoor seating.

Don’t miss new discoveries, experiences, tastes, sights, and shops at Grandscape!

Things To Do At Grandscape The Colony

Hotels At Grandscape

A Hampton Inn and Homewood Suites are located close to Grandscape and offer home-away-from-home comfort for anyone eager to stay longer at this deluxe theme park for families. Other hotels nearby are Residence Inn by Marriott and Fairfield Inn & Suites by Marriott.

Grandscape continues to grow. Keep up with What’s new at Grandscape on Instagram.

Things To Do Near Grandscape The Colony

If you’ve spent all the time you can at Grandscape, here are a few other attractions to visit or to consider.

The Colony is not far from Plano, and if you’re traveling with your pets, you may want to read pet-friendly Plano, Texas.

TopGolf The Colony at 3760 Blair Oaks Dr, The Colony, TX

Hawaiian Falls at 4400 Paige Rd, The Colony, TX

Lewisville Lake is near The Colony


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