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Where To Find Tulips In Texas

Find where to find sweet and joyous Texas tulips to make bouquets and take beautiful photos.

Where to find tulips in Texas.

The spring season brings many lovely things our way, including our state flower – the Texas bluebonnet and beautiful tulips in Texas in every color. It’s the time of year when various flowers bloom all over the state of Texas. Today is all about the precious tulip! It’s time for tulip season at these Texas tulip farms!

There are not many tulip farms in Texas, but this list will show you where to find tulips in Texas and the best time to pick them.

Photo Courtesy of the Fort Worth Botanic Garden


When Is Tulip Season In Texas?

The best time to see tulips in Texas is early March to early April. And tulip picking can begin as early as mid to late February, depending on the weather. Hopefully, we will have six weeks of tulip blooms here in Texas for the 2024 season —fingers crossed.

Texas-Tulips Pilot Point


Where To Find Tulips In Texas – Tulip Season Texas

North Texas reigns over the tulip fields, but one in the Texas Hill Country offers rows of tulips you don’t want to miss. This is when professional photographers shoot those memorial photos for their clients, and Instagramable selfies unite. Read these tips before you go.

Here are a few tips you’ll want to know when visiting tulip farms.

  1. Leave the tulip bulbs in the ground – you can’t take them with you
  2. Wear the appropriate shoes – rain boots are best after a downpour
  3. Leave your pets at home
  4. When taking photos, make sure the sun is in front of the subject
  5. Get there early in the season for the best tulip blooms
  6. A lovely bouquet of tulips can cost $30

• Marble Falls, Texas

Early March

Sweet Berry Farms in Marble Falls has been my go-to for fall pumpkins. But I’ve not visited during the full bloom of tulips. But it’s fun out there any time of year. Depending on Mother Nature, the farm will open to visitors. Always check their website before heading there. They are very good about updating the public on what’s happening at the farm.

Entrance fee: It’s free to park and enter the farm. Tulip field entry is $5, and each tulip picked is $2.

Travel Tip: Credit cards and cash are accepted. No pets allowed.

If you’re going there with your girlfriends or on a mother-daughter trip,  check out what Esther and I did on our girlfriend getaway to Marble Falls. We had a blast and shopped a lot!

• Temple, Texas

The Robinson Family Farm – a farm in the heart of Central Texas, near Waco, will open for spring tulips. More to come

• Waco At Magnolia Market


If you visit the Magnolia Market and Silos during the spring, you’ll likely see tulips growing in the garden —we did! We visited in mid-March, and these beauties were growing in the garden. It was an unexpected treat for us. I remember waiting in line to get into the garden shop and making up time by shooting various photos of the tulips. Hopefully, it won’t be crowded like it was in 2021.

• Texas-Tulips – Best Time To Visit

Late February, Monday – Sunday, from 10 am – 8 pm

Nothing is more cheerful than a bouquet of hand-picked tulips on your kitchen table.

About an hour north of Dallas and an hour’s drive south of the Texas-Oklahoma border is this 6-acre tulip farm in Pilot Point. I believe they are in their 6th year of welcoming the public to their farm. If you’ve never seen tulips in full bloom, you’re in for a treat here. The first tulip field in Texas has arrived …and we are excited each year it comes around. Photographers come from miles and miles to capture photos of their clients and their families.

Texas-Tulips shows off row after row of tulips in every color, allowing you to cut as many as you want. Of course, it all depends on the weather when the farm opens for tulip picking. Bring the kids for snacks, or bring your own to enjoy at one of the picnic tables.

Take a picking basket and scissors to the field if you’re there to cut the blooms. I love red, yellow, and white tulips, and maybe another color for a beautiful bouquet display in a vase.

Entrance Fee: $5 per person. Tulips are $2.50 each. Photographers pay $25 for a day pass. Free parking. Also, there are no pets in the parking lot either.

Photo Courtesy of the Fort Worth Botanic Garden


Fort Worth Botanic Garden

Late February through March

Over 250,000 bulbs will bloom at the Fort Worth Botanic Garden in late February and March.

Also, there will be bluebonnets this spring! The Garden has planted a field entirely of the popular Texas state flower and expects them to be photo-ready by early March.

The Fort Worth Botanic Garden is the oldest public botanic garden in Texas with beautiful theme gardens, including the Rose Garden and Japanese Garden, the Adelaide Polk Fuller Garden featuring a comprehensive collection of trees, shrubs, and perennials, and the Victor and Cleyone Tinsley Garden, highlighting plants native to north central Texas.


Dallas Arboretum And Botanical Garden

End of February through mid-April

Dallas Blooms showcases beautiful tulip blooms and other spring-blooming flowers, such as daffodils, azaleas, pansies, violas, Japanese cherry trees, and poppies. The Dallas Arboretum was named one of “The Best Places to See Stunning Spring Blooms Across the South” by Southern Living. Bring the whole family for nice spring photos.

Waxahachie Tulipalooza Festival

Spring (March)

Poston Gardens is a 2-acre garden that opens up only during tulip season. Their Tulipalooza festival in Waxahachie celebrates spring and the beauty of tulips and is a chance to give to charity. If you are in this charming town, see the downtown square for shopping, restaurants, and Victorian-style homes.

Entrance Fee: $15 per adult ($20 on weekends); $5 per child under 5. If you buy tickets online, you can choose which charity you would like half the fee to go to.

• Decatur – Hwy 287 (Hidden Gem)

End of March, first of April

Here is a bonus …and it’s free to look at but not to pick!

A flowerbed lined with beautiful red tulips is on Hwy 287 US, right between the Whistle Stop Cafe and the old petrified wood gas station. Also, look for red poppies. It’s not every day you see these two flowers in Texas. Decatur, Texas, will always have that country charm. Make a day trip out of it by having lunch at the cafe. If this sounds good, check out these 10 Things To Do In Decatur, Texas.

How To Display Tulips Once Cut

Choose a vase that will allow the tulips to spread out. Cut the base of the stems at an angle under running water. This will allow the flowers to soak up water. Change the water and re-cut the stems every other day.

Where to find tulips in Texas has been updated for 2024.


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