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Tasting Rooms & Wineries In Johnson City TX

Westcave Cellars Winery & Brewery

wineries in Johnson City TX

Vineyards -Tasting Rooms – Wineries In Johnson City, TX

When it comes to visiting wineries in the Texas Hill Country, you have options—a lot of them! Have you been to the wineries in Johnson City, TX? This small Hill Country town has that small-town feel that you would want in a town with a population of only 1868 (in 2023). It’s roughly 47 minutes from Austin, 64 miles from San Antonio, a little under a four-hour drive from the Dallas/Fort Worth area, and about 30 minutes from Fredericksburg on Hwy 290.

Some of my favorite wineries are not in the town known as Texas Wine Country but are in small towns nearby, like Johnson City. And, if you’re traveling Hwy 290, aka Wine Road, there are at least 50 wineries between Johnson City and Fredericksburg. Yes, so many I have lost count.

But when going to the Hill Country for wine tastings, don’t overlook Johnson City because if you do, you’ll miss my lovely friends at Westcave Cellars and Farmhouse Vineyard! Johnson City has a lot to offer visitors, such as wineries, great restaurants, quaint places to stay, and the Pedernalles Falls State Park, to name a few.

Why Do I Love Wineries In Johnson City, TX?

I’ve visited the Hill Country many times in the past two years and found some favorite wines at wineries that I love …and good coffee in JC …and that matters! My friends often ask me, “Is Johnson City, TX, worth visiting?” My short answer is YES. Here is my long answer.

Not only does Johnson City, Texas, have wonderful wineries, outstanding restaurants, quaint places to stay, the best coffee in the hill country, and the Pedernalles Falls State Park (which is gorgeous), but I’ve met some of the nicest people in that town. They are family-oriented, pet-friendly, and accommodating. Many will go out of their way to make locals and customers happy. When I retire, Johnson City might be my first choice. That’s how much I love that town! You must read our fun on a girl’s trip to JC.

Vineyards, Tasting Rooms & Wineries in Johnson City, TX

If you’ve heard of the Texas Wine Trail, you know there are a few wineries on that wine trail passport in Johnson City, TX. If you haven’t heard of this popular wine trail in the Texas Hill Country that happens four times a year – read all about it here – Texas Hill Country Wine Trail.

Westcave Cellars Winery & Brewery

Westcave Cellars is located off Hwy 290, halfway between Johnson City and Fredericksburg. The owners are a husband and wife team from North Carolina, and bring their southern hospitality to Texas. I’m so glad they did!

The winery serves 100% Texas Wines—dry wines only (no sweet wine). They are pet-friendly outside and inside. Don’t feel bad if Margaret talks more to your pet than you. She loves it when her customers bring in their pets.

Westcave Cellars has an outstanding award-worthy Cab Franc with a pleasing aroma, smooth, savory with soft tannins at the finish—it goes great with a pork chop steak. Surprisingly, I loved their Viognier and am a red wine drinker! So much, I bought a bottle.

What to Expect at Westcave Cellars:

Fun events throughout the year:

  1. If you’re curious, ask about their Junk Food Flights with wine pairing or beer pairing. We did it with wine (of course). That was a fun pairing experience.
  2. Texas Wine Month Passport – the entire month of October – tickets online at Texas Hill Country Wine Trail.
  3. A Halloween candy & wine pairing this October.
  4. Grape stomping during harvest, where you can actually stomp on grapes made for wine!
  5. Holiday parties
  6. and more!

Westcave Cellars Food

A must-try. Margaret’s famous North Carolina pulled pork nachos made with a vinegar rub were the bomb. It puts our Texas pull pork to shame!

Westcave Cellars Guest Accommodations

This adorable house is within walking distance from the winery. It has a couple of bedrooms, two bathrooms, a full kitchen, living room – everything you need for comfort.

Farmhouse Vineyards Tasting Room

I’ve been going to Farmhouse Vineyards for the last two years. My favorite wines are their Dry Red Blends. They offer heavy pour tastings and now cheeseboards. Plus, you can enjoy sitting inside on comfortable couches or outside on the porch or lawn. Farmhouse Vineyards is a remarkable place to make memories. They are also part of the THC Wine Trail – that’s how I met them.

Tip: They grow their grapes in the Texas High Plains.

Address: 402 E. Main Street

Buttery Cheese Board – Farmhouse Vineyards Tasting Room

Farmhouse Vineyards Serves Food

I’ve had a few of their charcuterie boards, and I think this one is my favorite. The butter, honey, and jam perfectly combined with our wine tasting.

Farmhouse Vineyard Cottage On Main

The owner of Farmhouse Vineyards has two rental properties in Johnson City. The one above and the other is across the street from the tasting room. Look for the tipsy trailer out front and turn left. It’s on Pecan Street and is called Vagabond Farmhouse.

Vinovium Winery And Vineyard

This winery specializes in wine on tap and wine cocktails. This winery holds the Wine Jam festival, which is a wine festival benefiting the Sims Foundation and the Texas Hill Country Wine Trail. The next festival is November 4-5, 2023.

Hours: Thursday – Sunday, 12-9 p.m.

Address: 214 Edmonds Ave.

Alex Anthony Vineyards

I’m unfamiliar with this winery, but it looks nice inside from what I saw online. It’s also family-friendly and serves food. I believe it’s located right off Main Street.

Address: 213 North Nugent Ave.

Untamed Wine Estates

I was told they have the best brick-oven pizza around and that there is no other pizza like theirs. I’d say it’s worth visiting if you like pizza with your wine.

We passed this winery on our way to Westcave Cellars.

Address: 202 Ranch to Market Rd 1320

Silver Dollar Winery

We have been here during one of our Wine Trail Passport excursions. There were four of us, and it was fun. We enjoyed a couple of different cheese boards and enjoyed their wine. They may have tiny cottages for rent. Not sure if they are ready, though. Check out Silver Dollar Winery.

Address: 8264 W US Hwy 290

If you’re ever in the Bedford, TX, area, they also have a winery or tasting room there.

Award-winning wines from Carter Creek. Photo Credit: Penny Sadler


Carter Creek Winery Resort & Spa

Carter Creek offers resort-style stays and has a spa, and according to our writer, Penny Sadler, good wine, too. She wrote an article about them, Siboney Cellars, Sandy Road Vineyards (all in JC) here – My Solo Trip to the Texas Wine Country.

Address: 4064 US-290

Photo Credit: Penny Sadler


Siboney Cellars

Texas grapes, Texas wines! Their location is four miles west of Johnson City. Open Friday, Saturday & Sunday.

Address: 3427 W US 290

Sandy Road Vineyards

Offers award-winning wines. Their grapes are grown right in the vineyard and serve great food. Penny also wrote about this winery in her article (see above for the link).

Address: 383 Vineyard Row

Texas Hills Vineyards

Texas Hills Vineyards are all Texas wines. Many are award-winning wines. The location of the winery is on the same road as the Pedernales Falls State Park. That would make a fun day trip  – a state park and a winery!

Address: 878 Ranch Rd 2766 (Robinson Road)

Lewis Wines

Lewis Wines is an upscale winery and vineyard offering a couple of different types of wine tastings.

Educational Wine Tasting and Wine Tour on Saturdays only. The non-member price is $4o a person, and the member price is less.

They also have a Winemasters Tasting on Saturdays only when harvest time is not in session. That price is $75 a person for non-club members.

Seasonal Tastings are $10, and you can bring your own snacks.

Address: 3209 US-290

Lost Draw Cellars Johnson City

Lost Draw Cellars invites you to come out and sample their authentic Texas wines. There is also another location in Fredericksburg. Signature wine tastings in JC are $25 per person—book online. Leashed pets are welcome outside but not in the main tasting rooms.

Address: 1686 US-290


Well, there are about 50 wineries between Johnson City and Fredericksburg on Hwy 290, and I’m afraid I’d be here all day if I had to look all of them up. I only know a few off the top of my head. Certainly, there is already a list somewhere. If I find it, I’ll post it here.

If you know of any vineyards, tasting rooms, or wineries in Johnson City, TX, let me know, and I’ll add it to this list.


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