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12 Exciting Things To Do Across Texas

12 exciting things to do across Texas

Bucket List Worthy: 12 exciting things to do across Texas.

Texas is enormous—bigger than some countries. So large it takes all day and some to get from one end to the other. So vast that the adventures you have and the paths you explore are boundless. When you plan to visit, take in some of these 12 exciting things to do across Texas that are worth the adventure at least once! Twice or thrice if you love it!

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John Wayne Museum at the Fort Worth Stockyards

Exciting Things To Do Across Texas For Families

Texas has many unique and fun adventures to offer its visitors, so it’s no wonder the state is one of the most famous in the country to vacation. When you come to Texas, there are several things that you should consider doing. I know a few Texans who have yet to do a few of these things. No matter what portion of Texas you visit, here are some fun things to do across the Lone Star State and check off your list.

1. Visit A Rodeo In Fort Worth

One of the most famous things about Texas is the rodeos. Like the Fort Worth Stock Show Rodeo, Rodeos cover vast events and are truly unique experiences. Contestants may compete in bull riding, tie-down roping, steer wrestling, and barrel racing.

Rodeos are extremely popular in Texas, and there’s no other event you can go to that can offer you such a wide variety of entertainment, not to mention the “real cowboys.” If you visit Fort Worth, Texas, you must see a rodeo. I recommend any time of year to visit the Stockyards – there’s always some rodeo going on.

2. See A Cattle Drive In The Fort Worth Stockyards

Every day – twice a day (11:30 a.m. & 4 p.m.), like clockwork, traffic stops on E. Exchange Avenue in the Stockyards, and the Fort Worth Cattle Drive struts the streets with real cowboys riding, showing off their beautiful souls. It’s something to see. Read more about the fun in the Fort Worth Stockyards.

3. Play Ball – Attend A Game In Arlington

If you’re here during professional ball game season, going to a game is an experience like no other. The AT&T Stadium is a beautifully crafted architecture in Arlington, TX, making it the perfect entertainment complex to watch the Dallas Cowboys. Or, if you’re a baseball fan, watching the Rangers play ball at the Globe Life Field is spectacular. There are many professional games to watch in Texas, but none can offer the same entertainment experience as going to a Cowboy or Ranger game.

4. Raft The Rio Grande

One of Texas’s iconic geographical features is the Rio Grande. The Rio Grande is a massive river that flows through much of the Southwestern United States and into the Gulf of Mexico. The Rio Grande is large, but it is also powerful and swift. The water flows so rapidly that many experts say swimming in the river is hazardous. However, this makes the Rio Grande the perfect place for rafting. Every Texan should try this at least once, as it truly is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Check out our South Texas road trip family vacation through the Hill Country, and you’ll see us floating on the Frio River.

5. Tube Down The Guadalupe River

Cold water – no problem, right? This boy wishes to innertube every time we visit. One day we will. We’re always going to New Braunfels for a specific reason and never have time to enjoy the water like we want to. The Comal River is also a great place to tube.

6. Be A Texas Foodie

Texas local cuisine is something to indulge in, whether it’s southern fried or grilled to your liking. The Lone Star State is home to many high-quality restaurants and local recipes. And don’t underestimate the food trucks sitting on land. Those food trucks are some of the best food I’ve ever had! 

Good ole Texas dishes usually involve fried, barbeque, and iced tea, perfect for family events. Although this food might not be the healthiest, it certainly is delicious. You must enjoy some Texas barbecue and something fried if you visit Texas …because we’ve got the best!

While you’re here, I suggest trying local cuisine. Whenever I travel, I support locals!!

7. Hike A Famous Trail

Most states have many famous hiking trails, but this is especially true with Texas since the state is so massive. The weather in Texas is generally warm, meaning you’ll have plenty of days with perfect hiking weather. Texas has several famous hiking areas, including Big Bend National Park, the picturesque Mckittrick Canyon in the Guadalupe Mountains National Park, Enchanted Rock, Gorman Falls, etc. If you’re new to visiting Texas, you must experience one of these great hikes.

8. Take A Cross-State Road Trip

Texas is a vast state where you can make an entire road trip alone. There’s also a wide range of diverse cities that one can visit in Texas. Dallas, Houston, Austin, and San Antonio are spread across Texas and offer something for everyone. Texas is vast and diverse, and a cross-state road trip is a perfect way to explore Lone Star State. If you plan this adventure, check out the 12 Texas Travel Information Centers across Texas.

9. Enjoy A Dude Ranch Experience

Have you ever thought about being a cowboy or cowgirl for the day? When I met my husband almost twenty years ago, he worked in sales for a dude ranch near Fort Worth. Oh, the fun things I got to do on that ranch!

Whether you take the family, girlfriends, or whoever, you’re in for a lifetime treat. Visiting a dude ranch in Texas is worth doing at least once in your life. I recommend a few in Bandera as it’s a town in Texas with a special title to its name – Cowboy Capital of the World!

10. Go To An Amusement Park

Typically, when considering amusement parks, Texas isn’t the first state that comes to mind. Usually, the famous amusement parks in Orlando and Anaheim are the first ones. Despite this, there are plenty of amusement parks for Texans to enjoy. For instance, Six Flags Over Texas in Arlington is prevalent, and Schlitterbahn Water Park in New Braunfels is popular. Also, San Antonio is home to a Seaworld location. You don’t need to travel to a coastal city to visit a high-quality amusement park. 

Palo Duro Canyon. Photo Credit by Chastity Beene

11. Zip The Palo Duro Canyon

My first ever zipline experience was over the Canyon. I was forever hooked on this exciting activity of soaring through the air and have been zipping wherever I travel. Ziplining at Palo Duro Canyon was both a thrill and scary. Not sure if it was because it was my first time or that the canyon was humongous and deep–probably both. If you’re a zipline queen like myself, you may want to Zip Your Way Through Texas!

12. Visit The Oldest Town In Texas

Did you know the oldest town in Texas is in East Texas? Yep, rightly so – Nacogdoches is the oldest town in Texas. And it’s like going to the backcountry for some relaxation. Power off and head to East Texas. Go by the visiting center for information about the historical parts of the town and get a little history lesson while you’re there.

Pick Sunflowers In Season

And one more to grow on – Find Sunflower Field in Texas To Visit for the Summer and Fall Seasons.

Consider these things to do across Texas for an adventure you’ll never forget!


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